Is This You?

Take a look at the description of a typical Future Health Partnership partner, and ask yourself now, does any of this apply to me? If it does, you could be a perfect partner in the Future Health Partnership.

  • You like to manage your business by group consensus.
  • You are motivated by working together for the community.
  • You make decisions so that the people in your business do their jobs smoothly.
  • Consensus is important to you.
  • You prefer not to cause arguments between yourself and your team.
  • You are looking for stability.
  • You trust your team.
  • You dislike dictatorial authority such that you might get from a  typical large corporate.
  • You are ready to go along with what your team think might be best.
  • You are open, non-directive and participative.
  • Honesty is important to you.
  • You find what is happening to the industry of healthcare frustrating.
  • Doing the right thing for the patient is more important than making a profit.
  • The problems that the profit driven corporates are causing is obvious to you.
  • You are aware of the crisis that we face within healthcare at this time.
  • You feel powerless to change the way things are.
  • Dentistry, Medicine and Healthcare can be lonely sometimes, and you are aware of this.

Did you find that many of the above descriptions applied to you? This type of business owner is perfect for the Future Health Partnership as it shows your commitment to working with an empowered team, helping your patients and working to change the way healthcare is structured in the UK.

If you are you looking for a new approach, one that helps recapture the values that inspired you to join our profession in the first place, then have a conversation with us today on 0800 078 9402 or email us on