Join Future Health Partnership

Our goal is to secure a sustainable future for dentistry through an entirely new ownership model based around practices owned and led by their employees.

Our inspiration

Dr Simon Gallier BDS, Managing Director of Future Health Partnership, has been a dentist for almost 30 years. He has run a multi-site independent practice and worked for a large dental corporate. Drawing on this experience, Simon set off in search of an answer to mounting frustration with red tape and falling morale in the profession.

In collaboration with employee ownership specialists Baxi Partnership, Simon has created a mutual model that will free up dentists to do what they do best: deliver high quality dental care.

Our approach

Our approach is built on four key pillars:

  • An employee owned business model that builds on what is effective in the corporate model whilst actually improving the working environment for dentists and practice staff;
  • A culture of productivity, innovation and responsiveness that drives better outcomes for patients;
  • An ethical approach that allows dentists to focus on patients and rewards the whole practice team for delivering high quality care;
  • “This exciting new concept in the dental industry will appeal greatly to those who are disillusioned with the ever increasing burden of running a dental practice and allow them to enjoy treating patients again.”
    Eddie Crouch, Dentist & Secretary, Birmingham LDC

    A sustainable future for dentistry that ensures morale remains high and well-qualified dentists remain within the profession.

The employee owned model allows to dentists remain true to their professional ethos by focusing all their time and attention on their patients, while rewarding the entire practice team equitably for enabling the delivery of high quality dental care.

Our offer

Future Health partnership intends to build a large mutual organisation uniting currently independent practices under the same roof. We are looking for practice owners who are fed up with the status quo, but want to carry on practising and be part of a new vision for the future of dental practice.

To find out more about us, please contact us for our brochure that sets out who we are, what our proposal is and what it might mean to you.

If you are you looking for a new approach, one that helps recapture the values that inspired you to join our profession in the first place, then have a conversation with us today on 0800 0789 402 or email us on enquiries @